Cancellation Policy

Genericaura is committed to providing 100% satisfaction to our valued customers. We make sure to fulfill all the orders placed by a customer. However, there may be specific orders that are unable to process and must be canceled either by the Customer or us. For this, we try to keep our cancellation policy flexible for our customers;

The cancellation policy will be applicable for the any one or more of the following reasons:

Limitation of quantity available for purchase in a single order:If the quantity of the product that a customer ordered is less (or limited to purchase) or the stock of that specific product is unavailable or out of stock, then the cancellation policy will be applicable.
Disputes and complaints:If any dispute in the product finds by a customer then, please contact our customer support team immediately so that we can assist to find an amicable solution.
Unavailable stock & Pricing Inaccuracy:When a product that a customer ordered is found unavailable, or out of stock, or with any pricing inaccuracy then the order cancellation policy will be applicable.
Non-Receipt of Payment:Orders that are Unpaid are considered cancelled.
Cancellation by the customer:If any customer wishes to cancel their order, then please contact our Customer Care team. On receipt of the cancellation notice by the customer, we shall cancel the order and refund the entire amount if we have not processed the order. Orders that have already been dispatched or shipped out by us will not be able to cancel. In some cases, this can happen within 12-24 hours after you place the order.
Refund:If the payment were made by a credit card, we would refund the same. If the payment mode were Money order / Check, we will send you back a Money order / Check, if the same has not been deposited. Money order/ Check will be sent only to the billing address of the customer. Typically we need a minimum of 10 working days to process refunds. In case of payment made by Money order or Check; it may take a little more time for the Check to be delivered to your billing address, and for the funds to be credited to your account after you deposit the Check. Please note: we shall not be responsible for any delays in credit to the Cardholder’s credit card account as the Cardholder’s issuing bank manages the credit.
Complete satisfaction:In case, if you were dissatisfied with any of our products, then you can report to our customer care team. By chance, if they are unable to solve customer issues, then we provide a complete replacement or return the money.

Please mail us at if you have any questions.

We will contact you if any additional information is required to accept your order or whole or any part of your order cancelled.